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Personal Loan EMI & Repayment Calculator


EMI, which is an acronym of Equated Monthly Instalments, is a very important factor in any personal loan, as it’s the component that’s to do with the loan’s repayment. EMI includes a part of the principal personal loan amount as well as the interest on the outstanding figure.  Our personal loan EMI and repayment calculator enables you to input some basic details like the required personal loan amount in India, the number of months you need to repay the personal loan and the applicable rate of interest. Once you’ve input all these details, the personal loan EMI calculator will return to you the monthly EMI figure, the total interest you’d need to pay over the entire tenure of the personal loan, the total repayable amount (over the entire tenure) and the interest component’s percentage in the total repayable amount.

Having clear knowledge of the personal loan EMI you‘d be expected to pay each month can help you in taking a well-informed decision about the exact amount of personal loan you should seek. Our personal loan EMI and repayment calculation tool cuts out all the tedious and lengthy calculations to a matter of few seconds, without the need of a pen, paper or a physical calculator.

The EMI calculator has been designed in a manner that anyone can use it even if he/she doesn’t have any financial background. You can easily experiment with the figures by using the adjustable sliders. Vary the total personal loan amount, number of months and applicable interest rate and you’d be able to reach the ideal EMI amount that would be manageable for you. This calculator can be used as many times as you want, without any cost. It’s available round the clock on this website.

However, please keep in mind that this calculator must be used only as a self-help tool. The resulting figures are based solely on the information you provide and the final approved personal loan amount, the applicable interest rate and the tenure of the loan will depend upon several factors including your monthly income, age, income stability, existing financial commitments and your credit score. You would also be expected to furnish relevant documents to back the information provided by you.