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Home Loan Eligibility Calculator


Check Your eligibility for loans.


How much loan you are eligible for?

Our home loan eligibility calculator provides you with an estimate of the home loan amount you are eligible for, depending upon your take-home income per month, any existing loan commitments, the tenure of the home loan and the applicable interest rate. Just input all these details into the eligibility calculator and it will show you the total sum you can apply for a home loan in India and what will be your monthly EMIs.

Using this housing loan eligibility calculator does away with the need of personally visiting a banking establishment or a financial institution to learn about the loan amount eligibility. There is no need of doing any complicated calculations either as the calculator does all that for you. The calculator has been designed in a manner that anyone can use it regardless of his/her background. You can try out different combinations by varying the required home loan amount, tenure of the loan and the applicable interest rate, and find out the right home loan deal for your needs.

Planning in advance is very important for any endeavor you undertake in life. Making hasty money-related decisions without proper planning can have a major negative impact on your finances. Using our home loan eligibility calculator you can plan your finances well in time, and make your dream home a reality!

However, please be aware that this calculator is only meant to be a self-help tool and the revealed home loan amount and EMIs are only approximate figures. The final home loan amount calculation will be based on your actual disbursed loan amount and interest rate applicable.