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Personal Loan in Delhi

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10.50% OnwardsThis rate is available for loan amount more than INR 10 Lacs and net salary above INR 75,000. The final offer is subject to approval from the respective Bank/NBFC along with credit profile of the customer.
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Being the capital of India and one of the most expensive Indian cities, the cost of living in Delhi is on the higher side of the spectrum. Delhi is a metropolitan city which houses a great multitude of self-employed and salaried individuals earning decent salaries. But travel expenses, regular medical bills, high taxes etc. can burn a hole in anyone’s pocket here. People are used to cosmopolitan lifestyle and don’t mind spending big bucks to meet their expensive tastes. Majority of the income is spent on comforts of life and to maintain a certain standard of living. Hence, the biggest challenge faced by many working people in Delhi is to stick to their budgets and save some money.

Furthermore, anyone can face a financial emergency because of unexpected life situations. You might need to pay some unexpected medical bills, meet last-minute wedding expenses, pay for unplanned holiday bookings or anything else.

The easiest and quickest way to deal with such eventualities, especially at times of liquidity crunch, is by taking a personal loan in Delhi through GoSahi. We are localized and have good knowledge of all the top rated banks and NBFCs operating in the city, especially the ones that can offer you the best personal loan deals. You can bank on our expertise and get quickly connected with all the seasoned local lenders, and successfully meet your short-term financial needs in the quickest manner possible.

Although there are several banks and financial institutions that offer personal loan in Delhi NCR at decent interest rates, not every offer is the right one for you. It’s very important to compare various aspects of these offers to ensure that your requirements are met without any compromises. Ideally you should carry out detailed research and compare factors such as processing fees, prepayment charges, interest rates, foreclosure charges etc. to figure out the best deal.

Many people make the mistake of borrowing from private entities that charge very steep interest rates, sometimes as high as 30%. It’s best to use reputed online platforms like GoSahi as we are able to aggregate the best deals from the entire marketplace. At GoSahi, majority of the research part and hard work is done by the platform. All you need to do is look at the offers, pick the best one, apply for it and get the personal loan disbursed!

The offered personal loan amount normally ranges from 10,000 to 50 lakhs, with tenure varying from 1 to 5 years. Such a loan is ideal for immediate needs as you’re normally not required to provide any collateral.