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What is Online Loan?

An online personal loan is simply an unsecured personal loan that can be applied on the Internet, through one’s smart phone or laptop / desktop, without the need of personally visiting the lender. All the pertinent documents related to the personal loan can be scanned and submitted online. The modern day technology has made it possible for all such transactions to happen in the most secure and safe manner. As a result, people can avail online personal loans in India to meet their immediate financial needs, without even stepping out of their homes.

How Online Loans are Changing the Lending Industry

Digitisation has entirely changed the face of India’s lending marketplace. Today, the complete lending and borrowing process can happen electronically, in an almost paperless manner. A new breed of companies referred to as Fintech companies are the ones leading this revolution.

Furthermore, online personal loans have been witnessing tremendous growth in India over the past few years. The popularity of these unsecured loans also shows a change in the mindset of the Indian consumer. More and more people are opting for such online loans to finance purchases like mobile phones, consumer durables etc. Not just that, many utilize these online loans to even fund their impromptu vacations. In essence, borrowers don’t view it as a loan, but as an easy means of accessing quick finance online instead.

These online loans are a proof of changing trend in the Indian lending industry too. People nowadays are shifting away from taking credit to fund one-time major expenses such as medical needs, wedding etc., to financing their regular purchases. Another trend that has been observed rather prominently in this space is more and more young people using online personal loans to overcome their immediate financial difficulties. Other than that, these loans are also becoming an effective means for loan seekers who otherwise face major troubles getting credit. All you need to do is apply for personal loans with any of the lending establishments online, and the money will be credited into your account anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

The process of availing online loans is further smoothed by procedures like e-KYC wherein the lender can verify the borrower’s identity through his/her Aadhaar information.

Where to Find Online Loans

You can apply for online personal loans through GoSahi platform, which gives you instant access to a large number of prospective lenders. All you need to do is submit some basic info related to your requirements and you’ll be instantly provided with the best online personal loan offers from top rated lenders.