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About HDBFS Business Loans

HDBFS or HDB Financial Services is an HDFC Bank subsidiary that is rapidly making its presence felt in different parts of India for its financial products and services. It’s a Nonbanking Financial Company with 1000+ branches across 3 Union Territories and 22 states of India, catering to the needs of retail as well as commercial clients. Incorporated in 2007, HDBFS has firmly established itself in the financial business world and has a strong capitalization today. The company offers both secured and unsecured loans to interested customers in India.

HDBFS business loan is a product that is offered with the understanding that growth and expansion is something that is pivotal need of every entrepreneur running a business. Whether a business requires new machinery for quicker production or more working capital for a large order, HDBFS business loan can be used for funding any type of business need. The company has a team of dedicated professionals who can help entrepreneurs determine their exact requirements, and even offer customized solutions to exactly meet their needs. Below we have provided more details related to HDBFS business loan features, eligibility criteria and charges.

Business Loan Eligibility Criteria

HDBFS business loan can be availed by self-employed professionals such as company secretaries, chartered accountants, doctors and architects. The person applying for the loan should be minimum 20 years old and his/her age shouldn’t exceed 65 years at the time of loan maturity. He/she should have been running the business for minimum 3 years and earning a minimum annual income of ₹ 1 lakh if he/she is staying in a metro location (₹ 75,000 per annum for other locations).

Self-employed businesspersons involved in services, trading or manufacturing businesses are also eligible to apply. The minimum acceptable age of the applicant is 21 years in this case and you should have been in the business for minimum 4 years. The maximum age and income requirements are same as that of self-employed professionals.

Partnership firms and private companies can apply for HDBFS business loan as well, provided the business has been making consistent profit for the last 2 years. The person applying for the loan should be at least 22 years old and no more than 65 years at the time of loan maturity. The income requirement and years in business are same as that needed for self-employed businesspersons. More details on HDBFS business loan eligibility criteria can be found below.


Years in currert business

₹ 50Lacs

Minimum Turnover

HDBFS Business Loan Features / Details

You can avail HDBFS business loan of up to ₹ 30 lakh, with a repayment tenure ranging from 1 year to 5 years. It’s an unsecured loan and hence you don’t require any security, collateral or guarantor to apply. The company offers highly competitive interest rates and the loan can be processed with minimum documentation. There are special offers available for self-employed doctors. You can find more specific details on HDBFS business loan features such as the minimum/maximum loan amount, interest rate, repayment mode etc. below.


Interest Rate (Min)

1.5 – 3 Years.

Loan Tenure

₹ 7.5Lacs – 20Lacs

Loan Amount (Min – Max)

HDBFS Business Loan Fees / Charges

HDBFS business loan applications involve a processing fee of 2% and an application fee of up to ₹ 3500. You might need to pay various other charges depending upon your requirements and circumstances. A few examples of these charges are: ECS/cheque bounce charges, ECS/PDC swap charges, property papers copy charges, document retrieval charges, account statement charges, copy of sanction letter charges, loan cancellation charges etc. The details of all such HDBFS business loan fees/charges are provided below.

2.00% of Loan Amount.

Processing Fees

0% of amount prepaid.

Pre-payment Charges


Part Payment Facility


Part Payment Processing Fees