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When we talk about a monetary loan, it’s simply a sum of money that’s borrowed with the promise to pay it back, with interest. People avail such loans for all types of needs including personal, home, car, business, education and even vacations! In India almost every public and private sector bank offers the above mentioned types of loans. Then there are many NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) who also offer such loan products.

All these entities are engaged in cut-throat competition to attract the attention of prospective borrowers. They provide all kinds of options like relaxed loan tenures, varying interest rates, heavy discounts, loans transfers, easy repayment schedules and more to outdo the competition, and bring more and more customers on-board with them.

These options are usually so many that it’s easy for even the seasoned financial experts to get confused! How do you pick the best loan offer among so many seemingly-good choices then?! That’s where (our brand name) comes into the picture.

Backed by Preminen (An Admiral Group PLC and Mapfre JV), we help you compare all the home and/or personal loan offers extended by banking establishments and NBFCs in India. You get an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use comparison platform where you can compare loan offers on a wide range of parameters like interest rate, no. of documents required, application approval time, loan disbursal time, automated rate revisions, processing fees and approval success rate.

Carrying out such comparisons has become an important essential in today’s marketplace. There’s no other easy way to determine which specific loan offer would work the best for you. Furthermore, when you compare different offers this way, you can rest assured that you’ve availed the best possible interest rate depending on your specific needs and profile.

However, it’s very important to use a loan comparison website that’s totally unbiased in its approach and gives you complete control over how you compare the loan offers. We’re just that. And we go a step further by providing you even personalized offline assistance at no cost.

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